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    Linkzone Group of companies is primarily a Supply, Distribution & Semi-Manufacturing Company with multiple line of business. Linkzone has an expertise in Sourcing, Manufacturing, Negotiation & procurement of Industrial, Residential & Commercials goods and services. 

    What we do

    Sourcing Supplier & Distribution

    Identify & Selecting the Right Manufacturer & Supplier for Client’s Requirements.

    Export & Import

    Understanding the customer’s requirement, budget & their end goals. Manage shipping, facilitating imports, warehousing supplies & delivering to the customer on time. 

    Professional Consultation

    Strategic vetting of the product Quality, Pricing, Negotiating contracts & helping Clients design an Optimal Solution. 

    Our Core Principles


    We are very much passionate about the product that we represent.  We are always excited to learn more about the new brands, their out of box capabilities so that we can serve our clients the best. 


    We deal with fewer number of products & brands to make sure, we are not overwhelming our abilities to do a full justification with any service that we provide to our clients. 


    We are very honest in sharing an upfront opinion on a product and believe in clear transparency with our vendors and customers. 


    We listen to our Client’s need and find a way to position a product that rightly suits their requirement, rather than just blindly pushing a product. 


    We are Open minded and ready to evaluate all the possibilities of a product or service, that are highly valuable to our clients. 

    Serving Community

    We believe in Sharing. What we earn, we donate a portion of the profits to the society in some way. One of the reasons why we work on a thin margin upfront to give back to the community.